Emi Gal


I’m a software engineer and entrepreneur passionate about healthcare and longevity. I’m currently building Ezra, an AI startup focused on creating a new way to screen for cancer using MRI & AI. I wrote about my motivation to start Ezra and and about our mission here.

I started my first company, Brainient, during my first year at university (studied applied mathematics & computer science) and spent the following 10 years building it into one of the leading ad-tech companies in Europe. Brainient (now called Teads Studio) was acquired by Teads in September 2016.

Outside work I enjoy spending time with my wife and learning new things. To address the latter, I’ve taken on a new challenge every year since 2008. Some of the most challenging and interesting ones were sleeping 2.5 hours per day for two months (polyphasic sleep), reading a book per week and training my memory with a world memory champion.

I'm also a bit of a biohacker and have been tracking 150+ markers about my body (blood, MRI, body measurements, athletic performance) for 7+ years. I sometimes post longevity guides on this blog.

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