Emi Gal

Romanian software engineer and entrepreneur based in New York


Introducing the Ezra full-body scan, covering 13 cancers in women and 11 in men

[Originally posted on Medium [https://medium.com/ezraai/introducing-the-ezra-full-body-scan-covering-13-cancers-in-women-and-11-in-men-67ba90b4e534] ] We started Ezra [http://ezra.com/] with one mission: help everyone in the world detect cancer early. In 2018, 18.1¹ million people worldwide were diagnosed with cancer². Of that number, almost 50% were detected late, and only 2 out of


The rise of second screen, in three graphs

I’m a massive multi-screener, and as it turns out so is pretty much everyone else in the developed world who owns a smartphone. It’s truly incredible how quickly this shift has happened (<2yrs). Broadcasters love second screen experiences, because they drive more media engagement. Because of this, many big players in TV are investing second screen mobile experiences for their audiences. A good example is ITV with their XFactor and Britain’s Got Talent apps. Advertisers love second screen ads,